Potential Project Ideas … HELP !

Finding a topic to research and compose in a digital way for the final project has proven to be a bit of a struggle for me. I wanted to search something I know and something that interests me. Finally it dawned on me that composing a project revolving around my hometown would be perfect. I have grown up in Elora, Ontario my whole life, same with my father, my grandfather and now the same for my daughter. Elora has been a significant part of my family’s upbringing and over the generations we have seen this quaint little town grow.

My next step is choosing what about Elora I want to research and explore. This has also become a challenge for me and still is. My hopes are to be able to educate others on the development of the town over the years, more specifically the downtown area. I am thinking that a possible mapping project could come from this, that I could show the progression through a series of maps and chart the growth seen.

Seeing as my family and friends are so closely tied with Elora and have so much of their own history in my project, I was also hoping I could incorporate a bit of oral history into my project. I could conduct interviews and record their viewpoints on the progress of the downtown area. I thought this would be able to give the assignment a more personal aspect.

Hopefully after tomorrows workshop will give me some more ideas and a better understanding of what I hope to achieve however any suggestions or insight you guys have would be greatly appreciated !

downtown 1960  Downtown Elora 1960


2 thoughts on “Potential Project Ideas … HELP !

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one kind of struggling with finding a topic for my project! I really like your idea of researching Elora, and would really like to see what you’d be able to come up with on that topic.


  2. Hey Ashlee! I think your local history idea could really work. Maybe if you narrow it down to a specific theme within the town that you find particularly intriguing you can track the changes over time and then you can incorporate that generational analysis you are thinking of with your family members and friends. I know that one of my favourite towns where my cottage is has changed a lot architecturally; if you find things like that that are apart of the physical footprint of the town, you can see how the town changed physically, and then maybe what changed socially alongside it. Architecture is one of the parts of a town that stands out the most for me. Are there specific buildings that Elora has chosen to preserve? What kind of buildings are these in comparison to the ones that they decided were not good enough to stay?– I can bet that Guelph values a lot of their religious and cultural history based on the various churches and homes that they have preserved and remodelled for public viewing (think the Mccrea house, or the various old churches downtown, the museums, etc.). It would be really cool to hear the oral histories from different people behind buildings (or anything else like that) that have changed over generations.
    Good luck with your brainstorming!


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