Google Earth Assignment (GIS)

I really enjoyed the workshop we did with Jennifer Marvin and I thought that it was going to prove to be a big help in regards to the GIS assignment we were giving. Although I later found this to not be true. Maybe it was because I attempted this assignment weeks after we actually had the workshop, or maybe I didn’t grasp the whole ‘working with Google Earth’ thing as well as I thought I initially had, but whatever the case I struggled a fair amount with it.

The first few steps were easy and fun, navigating my way around Google Earth and playing with all of the options you are given. I search Guelph Ontario and used the zoom tools to look around the city, checked out the different layers and what each looked liked. I easily created a folder under “My Places” and titled it – “Ashlee’s Places” and gave it a little description. Then Part 3 came along. This is where I first got stuck, not because I didn’t understand the steps as much as I couldn’t find a kml file that didn’t already directly open up in Google Earth and fly me to the place once downloaded. Maybe I misinterpreted this step but I found it rather difficult. I ended up downloading a kml holocaust file and dragged and dropped it underneath Ashlee’s Places as instructed to do, however I didn’t quite see the point in this step and I knew I had missed something when I couldn’t click on the yellow pushpin button.

I decided it was best to push past this step for now (hoping that it wasn’t to crucial for what else I needed to do). Then next step was adding a Placemark which I did by following both examples given within the blue box. The first was adding a Placemark by Geocoding an address. For this I used the address provided within the example, Dublin St. S. Guelph. The only problem I had with this was for some reason nothing happened with I selected ‘Save To My Places’. To resolve this I simply had to open up my Google Earth browsing History and drag and drop the address into “My Places”. Latitude and Longitude co-ordinates were simple enough to do as well by selecting the yellow Placemark tab at the top.

Step 4 had to be the most tedious part for me. It was easy enough to select the image of the fire insurance map using the overlay button at the top of the screen, however I had trouble shaping and adjusting the image to fit the map and roads perfectly. At first the image was way to big and it took awhile to zoom out and make it smaller, then the tools bar kept disappearing from my screen and I would have to close the program all together and re add the image again. I finally adjusted everything to fit just right and believe me I was happy to move past that step. It wasn’t that it was necessarily difficult but just required patience as the lining up can take a while and sometime programs such as these act up and are finicky (especially someone who isn’t as tech-savy as myself).

Lastly, I added a title and saved the image as a kml. I know that I did not complete all of the steps correctly and after attempting this assignment I have realized that I am going to need to require a lot more assistance in order to complete my own mapping project for the assignment.

Overall I know I could work on adding kml files into Google earth, drawing a polygon (I added this but nothing really happened – so clearly I did it wrong) and my image overlaying skills could improve. As I stated I didn’t really enjoy this assignment all that much, mainly because I was alone and did not have guidance. I think while working along side somebody who knows more about Google Earth would be much better.

GIS Bergin



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