Tori’s Project

The focus of Tori’s project is to create an online exhibit dedicated to sharing the experiences of individuals affiliated with the House of Industry and Refuge, located in Aboyne Ontario. The theme for her project sparked a particular interested for myself since I am from the area and cannot wait to learn more about it.

The main goal for this project will be to educate viewers on The House of Industry and state its historical importance within the community over the years. Tori plans on building off of the existing exhibit within the Wellington Museum called “If the Walls Could Speak” and digitizing it in a way to capture the attention of a larger audience. I personally think this is an awesome idea, as she states that most locals do not actually visit the museum and little know about the history of the “scary building at the top of the hill” (myself being one of them).

Tori is going to create her exhibit in the form of a website use, however may also be used if she finds this is a better fit for her needs. Google Sketch Up is also going to be a big component of her project, which is used to create a three dimension model of the building. The main idea of this is to give the viewer the experience of what the House looked like, connecting them closer to its structure.

Within her project proposal Tori mentions a few online exhibits that she has been using as a reference to gain ideas for her own. These include the Museum of History’s Morning Star exhibit, the Royal Ontario Museum’s exhibit about the Burgess Shale and the Museum of History in Ottawa which used a program called  krapano Panorama Viewer. This tool could potentially be really useful for Tori’s project that creates a video document with a user can control.

My suggestions for Tori’s project are limited because I think she has a great start and a lot of really interesting ideas. For the digital aspect I think that she is taking on a huge project as an online exhibit can be really difficult but I really hope she succeeds in everything as it would be really fascinating to see. As somebody from the area (who knows nothing about the Poor House) I would love to be able to see the transition of the building from House of Industry to the Museum that it is today. Maybe you could use photos captured over the decades and compare them side by side in order to see the transition.

Overall great project Tori! You are lucky that you have such amazing sources to use for your project and have a great idea. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish and am very interesting in learning more about this building that I live so close to!

poor house


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