Project Overview .. So Far

I took advantage of the beautiful day we had today and walked around Elora, recreating the photos that my Grandma took nearly 65 years ago! I had a lot of fun doing this part and found it really interesting to see how much the town has transformed but at the same time how much of it has stayed the same. The buildings are all pretty much the same, just with more added and built around the originals, and the interior of most have greatly changed. For example, what use to be used an old barn is now the Shoppers Drug Mart where I worked for majority of my high school career.

As much fun as I had taking these photos, I did find it challenging as well. As I had the original photos taken in 1950 with me, I was hoping to recreating the new images in the exact same way – same angel, same lightening ect. Unfortunately this was not as easy a task as I had thought. Since majority of the roads have been repaved and made bigger it was hard to get the pictures dead on unless I wanted to stand in the middle of the road, cut down a few tress or knock down a couple buildings.

For the most part I did get the images I wanted and now I need to find a way to transfer them into a ‘slideshow’ that will show the transformation.

Here is an example of one image that I am working with :

legion 1 legion 2

This building is the current day Legion and has been for many years. As you can see it has been added onto and has altered significantly over the years. I still need to do some research to find out what it was in the 1950’s, according to the Fire Insurance Map of 1904 it was the Royal Hotel.

Now for the mapping portion of my project.

I have been able to track down three fire insurance maps which I am hopping that I can use. Unfortunately the Museum in Aboyne did have the maps, but were not given the copyrights to allow people to scan them for their own personal use. The women in the archives center did point me to the online site ‘Library and Archives Canada” where you can download and save the maps onto your computer. While researching a little more into their copyrights, I believe that since I am able to save the image from their online catalog I am able to use the images, just as long as I reference where I got my material from.

Next I met with the Data Resource Center in the library again and worked with Paula and Teresa, who were once again a tremendous help! We had some fun cutting and cropping the fire insurance map of 1904 in order to better fit our needs, then had one heck of a time pinpointing cross sections with the road maps, once we FINALLY were able to do this, we placed the fire insurance map over a present day aerial view of Elora. As cool as this portion was, it was hard for us to see the image underneath because the aerial contained so much detail. We then decided a swooping image would be better to place over top (an aerial image without street detail or leaves on trees). By doing this we were able to see buildings that have existed in Elora since 1904 to present day, those that have been built, and those that have been added to. I will need to work with the fire insurance map a little and try and colour the buildings in a little darker, as they were a little hard to see on the finished product.

I still have a lot of work to go but I am getting excited that my project is finally in the works and I can see the end coming closer and closer !

Here is what the fire insurance map for 1904 looks like.


I am still open to any and all suggestions on how to improve my project if anybody has something for me !


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