Update On My Project

Just thought I would take a few moments and update on the progress of my project. My mapping portion has turned out to be a success after a few more visits with the ladies at the DRC. We were able to take the original fire insurance map, line it up correctly with the present day road layout, then add a present day swoop image overtop. After adjusting the transparency of the two images a little bit you are able to see both and compare them quite well.

Here is an example of what that will look like:

I do have closer and more clear images that I will publish within my website, hopefully it all works out well.

I have also had a great breakthrough with the compare and contrast portion of my site with older and newer images of places in Elora. I have decided to use the slideshow generator Juxtapose JS that Professor Ross suggested to us. This has been a bit of a tedious process but definitely well worth it! I discovered that if I added an html app to my wix site I was able to copy and paste the codes without any problem, other than adjusting the size of the photos. I wasn’t able to figure out how to do this with the code I was given so I figured I would save some time stressing about it and open each image in Paint on my computer and adjust the size there. In order to use Juxtapose the images must already be published online somewhere as it requires a url for each photo. Since my photos were saved on files on my hard drive I needed to create a flickr account and upload each onto there. After all of this I am very please with the way my site is turning out and it was well worth the hassle.

I still have quite a bit of work to do but I am getting excited that some of my visions at the beginning are coming true !


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