Project Review of Stephanie

Hello Stephanie (and everyone else reading),

Sorry I am late on getting your review done but in all honesty I don’t have that much to critique for you anyways! Overall I think your website is coming together nicely and the information your sharing about your topic is great ! Your homepage is nice and captives the reader right away, understanding that your main focus is on psychiatric survivor movement. I think you have four concrete sub categories to help break down your research: About the Movement, PSAT Sources & Testimonies, Maps & Timelines and lastly, Mental Illness Today. I think it would be really useful if you could find a way to help direct viewers along your site as the Professor has suggested to a few of us. Maybe just a simple clickable arrow at the bottom of each page that will automatic bring the site to the next subcategory. I think the flow of your information is present in a great way and this would just allow each reader to follow along accordingly instead of jumping all around.

I know you were having a bit of trouble with the timeline on your site and weren’t able to delete the ‘2015’ column. I added the Lumifish app to my site just to play around with it a bit and see if I could help you out. When I first added the app it had existing dates already added into it, so I first deleted all of the these. Then I was able to add in any date I wanted. I’m not sure if this is what you did as well or tried to work off of the pre-existing ones but hopefully this could help you a bit!

As we said in your presentation you have a lot of great research and really have aimed at focusing on educating readers on this topic and presenting the research you have found. I think you were right that some portions are a little text heavy and I think adding in some pictures and maybe some more colour to your pages would really break down the information and not seem like so much. I was also thinking (if copyright issues don’t come in) that you could add in one of the “Bell Let’s Talk” commercials on your “Mental Illness Today” page. It could be a more captivating way to reach out to your audience about the issue.

Overall great work, I think maybe just touch up your website a little bit here and there and it would look great!


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